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Our business law firm with offices in Leipzig and Berlin advises clients in selected areas of business law.



Our clients' business interests are the main focus of all our professional activities. We understand ourselves as a legal service provider. Forward-looking and accurate advice is a precondition to achieve our clients' aims faster and less expensive than by court proceedings. It is of great importance to us to provide clear and simple answers.  We work as one team with clients to manage their issues efficiently.



Construction Advisory & Disputes

Construction law has been one of the key areas since our law firm was founded. Construction projects are often complex, with narrow commercial margins and the risk of defects, late delivery and cost overruns. To secure commercial success by avoiding and resolving contractual and legal issues it needs an expert legal management. Our clients expect straightforward and reliable statements on the prospects and risks. We give clear and precise recommendations how to act in order to safeguard their interests and to resolve disputes.

Real Estate Law

We advise our clients on legal issues in connection with the acquisition or sale of real estates including leasing and facility management.

We cooperate with tax advisers and auditors specialised in the particular field.

IT Law and Tele-communication

Whether an IT or telecommunication project is successful or not does not depend on the technical solution only. Often, contractual provisions decide about commercial success.

Therefore, we assist our clients from the beginning of the project with the handling issues under the German Contracting Rules for Award of Public Works (VOL/A and B), the German Supplementary Contractual Conditions for Maintenance of Standard Software (EVB-IT) and review complex contracts and service level agreements. We successfully act on behalf of well-known enterprises of the IT and telecommunication industries all over Germany.

Procurement Law

Procurement projects are subject to specific and highly formalised regulations. Their structure is sometimes very difficult to fully appreciate risk allocations and its implications. These facts and the tight time schedule of tender proceedings require high specialisation in the particular field and market knowledge.

We successfully represent nationwide well-known enterprises of the construction industry, the IT industry and the telecommunication sector. Additionally, public authorities belong to our clients.
When a contract has been awarded, we provide on-going advice to our clients, in particular on contractual issues (under the German Contracting Rules for Construction Work (VOB/B), the German Contracting Rules for Award of Public Work (VOL/B) and the German Supplementary Contractual Conditions for Maintenance of Standard Software (EVB-IT)).